All The Concepts

Concept 1:  Best Of The Rest of losers and failures. And that goes for the production staff too…

Concept 2:

LEST WE MOURN:       The Global Fascist Corporation chairman discovers he can’t find happiness even in the midst of death.

A FAMILY FIRM:            The family tree of the most successful dynasty of modern times.

Concept 3:    The GFC chairman sets the record straight, on record, for the record on the record. And I recorded it.


 No truly self-respecting and overbearingly smug Neo-‘Socialist’ would turn his nose up at making an arrogant, self-righteous and politically biased ‘educational’ record to assault the youth market. So, on that ticket, enter ground-treading Parliamentary folk-rockers JOHNNY RED AND THE BACKBENCHERS, attempting to fill the vacuum of bigotry in each and every reactionary mind, in spite of The Man (in No. 10 who actually wants them to represent their constituents for once).